For the opening of the Fair Share Scandinavia experience center in 2016, SPARK designed the whole audiovisual experience. AV designs where aligned with the interior plans provided by Martela and the visual storytelling plan made together with Studio Formo, based on the nature movies of Oulu based photographer Henri Luoma.

Spark’s role was to make sure all elements came together in a unique audiovisual experience, perfectly integrated into the existing office spaces of Technopolis.

In the end Fair Shares showrooms features a story that can be told all around the different spaces, controlled by 1 central control system and media server. A video matrix takes care of signal distribution to all screens and an audio matrix handles room by room control of the musical experience.


Fair Share Scandinavia




Fair Share Scandinavia
Showroom concept

What We Did

AV design
Video production
Interior design
Wall visuals
Project Management