In the spring of 2017, Metsä Group Oy decided to start designing a new visitors center. The visitor center is intended to serve as an exhibition and presentation venue for visitor groups. The aim of the project was to build a state-of-the-art environment with high-quality audiovisual technology.

Visitors will get to know Metsä Group’s various business areas, innovations and products. The implementation needed to be both entertaining and informative, and the Metsä Group’s various stakeholder groups should be taken into consideration in the design. The objective of the Metsä Group Innovation Center itself was also to highlight Metsä Group Oy’s products and expertise.

The target group was defined by forest owners, groups of students, decision-makers and influencers. The goal was to present all Metsä Group Oy’s main areas of operations.

Architect Uki Arkkitehdit Oy was assigned as the design team leader. The exhibition was planned by the media planning agency MKTG Finland Oy. After the concept planning phase, Spark Audiovisual Architects Oy (then Decorat Oy) was chosen to be the main architects adviser for integration of the audiovisual architecture.

The purpose of the AV design was to identify and determine the basis of the functional planning of the AV systems and their effects on other areas, as construction and building technology. Following the objectives, Spark implemented the audiovisual plan. Which in turn led to the launching of the AV system integration’s bidding.

The main desire for the operations of the AV systems was centralized control of the systems, remote support either by the factory’s own IT support and / or system vendor, and the remote management of the presentation material. This was achieved through centralized control, device selections and software.

Part of this project where a few challenging individual exhibitions, like a three-wall wide project where five projectors were used to create a uniform and immersive forest landscape experience.


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