Vanha pappila is located in the center of Oulu, near Tuomiochurch, on the corner of Asemakatu and Isokatu. Vanha Pappila is designed by an architect Carl Ludvig Engel and is build at 1827. The historical value and that the building is protected by Finnish National Board of Antiquities, gave specific limitations to AV-design. Integrated AV-systems and equipment should not be visible at all. Minimum requirement was, that all ten spaces needed to have clear talk sound systems and possibility for high-quality background music, to use in festive occasions. One space was required to have a possibility to use a dataprojector.

AV-designer Ilmari Mäenpää decided to use a small, effective Genelec 6010 (G1) speakers that have a steady frequence-response. Talk sound system works perfectly in each room and when music is played, sound system creates a movie-like feeling of walking inside the music”.

One rooms dataprojector and art exhibitions projector located on the upstairs attic is used be the devices own remote controls. Several TV-screens and multi-room system for music listening, was installed for the meeting area for young people, which locates downstairs of the building.

The core plan for AV-design of this project was the non-visible AV-equipments, which was done very well according to the client and end-users.


Oulu Pappila



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