In Rokua campingcenter is a place for camps arranged by Oulu church and educationevents. Cause the space is used so many ways, it gave strong requirements for AV-design. AV-designer of the space was present already on the startingphase of the construction. This was the way to make sure all cabling and location of hardware could be implemented together with other design of the building.

In this location there is an accommodationbuilding that has been renovated and new building build for needs of educationevents.
In the space build for youth, located downstairs of the building, a TV-screen with Genelec speakers creates a high-quality 5.1 surround soundsystem. In the renovated space, a dataprojector and multiscreen inside the TV and soundsystem was renewed.

On the mainhall of the educationbuilding an controlsystemlogic was installed. Large windows on the mainhall are covered automatically when using AV-hardware. Inclined ceiling of the space gave challenges for installation of videoprojectors and whitescreens installationheight. Space is divible to two separate spaces with a door isolated from sound. Due to this property, AV-hardware has to work efficiently and fluently when used separately or as one space. People with hearingtrouble were taken care by installing two inductionloops to the space.


Rokua visitor center




Rokua youth center and accommodation renovation

What We Did

AV Design, project management