On the first floor of Oulun seurakuntatalo, workingstations of the personnel of Tuomiokirkko and church registry office are located. Second floor is the place for churchhalls and other meetingspaces. In this same building is the place for management of parish union of Oulu, special services of the church, finance-and supportservices, personnelservices, areacenterregistry and communicationservices.

The AV-designer of Oulun seurakuntatalo, Ilmari Mäenpää, was present already on the start of the constructionproject. Long distances between the mainhalls gave a considerable challenge to AV-design, because of the soundsystem and long projectiondistances. Also the multiple ways to use the space was something that had to be considered during planning.

Events that take place on the mainhall can be livestreamed to several spaces throughout the building using a robotcamera. Soundsystem was created by using a source-point speakersolution and two efficient laserprojectors were installed to the space. Because the customer wished to have two solid, large projectionscreens to the space, the constructor ordered a non-stop artpiece from Ilmari Mäenpää.

Valopolku (lightpath) -artpiece made by Ilmari includes naturepictures and music composed for this request. All AV-systems are controlled by the help of controlsystemslogic. Controlsystem adjusts curtains, lighting, soundsystems and remotecontrolsystem build between the spaces.


Oulu Seurakuntatalo




Creation of art, AV design and livestream

What We Did

AV Design
Art: video and music composition